Cole-Parmer Lab Design & Build Program

We have what you need, when you want it!

Table of Contents Painted Steel Casework


Wood Casework

18-19 20-21 22-23 24-33 34-35 36-42 43-50 51-59 60-65 66-67 68-70 71-72

Stainless Steel Casework

Phenolic Casework

Fume Hoods

Exhaust Snorkels Shelving Systems

Patriot Tables

Heavy Duty Steel Tables Envision Workstations

Work Surfaces


Service Valves


73 74 75

Drench Shower/Eyewash Stations




Electrical Pedestals


Lab Furniture Accessories Lab Design Guidelines

79-83 84-91

We have the lab furnishings you need when you want them. Our quick delivery lab furnishings program is much more than just the availability of product. Our experienced team of Furniture Specialists, Lab Designers, and Project Managers are ready & available to lead you through the completion of your fast track lab renovation, or new lab project. Our Furniture Team is organized into focused and coordinated units that offer: - Clear and easy communication - In depth planning for every kind of lab - An extensive inventory of top-quality furniture and components - Comprehensive project supervision from initial planning through the final installation of your project Contact Us: 625 East Bunker Ct. Vernon Hills, IL 60061 Phone: 800-323-4340 E-mail:



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