INSTOCK® Quick Delivery Lab Outfit Program

Polypropylene Bench Fume Hoods Polypropylene Bench Fume Hoods interiors and superstructures are constructed with nonmetallic materials. Polypropylene is a highly corrosive-resistant material that has high temperature resistance and tensile strength. It possesses excellent chemical resistance to organic solvents, de-grease agents as well as to electrolytic attack. Polypropylene is lightweight, stain resistant, and has a low moisture absorption rate. These hoods are a good choice for, among other uses, trace metal analysis, analytical chemistry and electrical engineering. Hoods and Enclosures

Features: • Chemically resistant white stress relieved polypropylene interior/exterior construction • Frameless polycarbonate vertical rising sash • 26” (66 cm) deep clear interior • 21.9” (55.6 cm) clear sash opening • Integral liquid tight work surface with 1/2” (1.3 cm) drip lip • Vapor proof T5 light fixture • Removable baffle for cleaning • Interior access panels on both sides of hood • PVC electrical junction boxes • Convertible from CAV to VAV use

100 FPM @ sash full open

Static Pressure Loss

Cat. No.

Hood Width

Total Open Sash Area

ID-CT-48-FH-1 4’ (121.9 cm)

5.5 sq. ft.

604 cfm


ID-CT-60-FH-2 5’ (152.4 cm)

7.3 sq. ft.

794 cfm


ID-CT-72-FH-3 6’ (182.9 cm)

9.1 sq. ft.

985 cfm


ID-CT-96-FH-4 8’ (243.8 cm)

12.8 sq. ft.

1366 cfm


Polypropylene Fume Hood Elevations

62” (Clear Interior) 72”

50” (Clear Interior) 60”

86” (Clear Interior) 96”

38” (Clear Interior) 48”






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