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Fume Hood Monitor with Integrated Auto Sash Our innovative fume hood monitor with integrated auto sash can be factory installed on any of our vertical rising sash bench style fume hoods to help interface with building control systems to maximize energy savings and provide increased operator safety. This monitor works the same as the fume hood monitor and is designed to close the sash of vertically rising sash fume hoods automatically when the operator is not present in front of the fume hood. Using the fume hood monitor with auto sash integration means you will no longer need a separate auto sash keypad. A passive infrared sensor (PIR) constantly monitors the work area in front of the fume hood. If a person is not detected and the sash opening is clear, the sash will automatically close after a pre determined time. An under-sash infrared sensor will stop sash movement upon detection of any object during auto sash movement. When an operator is present, the sash can be operated manually via the touch control pad or by the Tiptronic feature. Auto Sash is available only with made-to-order chemical fume hoods with vertical rising sash. Contact your lab furniture expert for assistance. Energy and Cost Savings. Use of an automatic sash closer combined with a VAV HVAC system; will maximize and guarantee energy savings, reducing operating costs and carbon emissions. Features: • Auto Close • Auto Open (user selectable - enable/disabled/auto open if auto closed only) • Tiptronic Open/Close- touch sensitive sash movement (menu selectable) • Manual Sash Operation • Keypad Push-button Open/Close • Mute audible alarm button • Close sash • Open sash • Fire alarm close

• Inputs to BMS from sash closer • Sash open or sash closed • Sash obstruction • External alarm • Outputs from BMS to sash closer

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Auto Sash Closer, Under Sash IR Sensor, Chain & Sprocket Motor Drive

Passive Infrared Presence Sensor

Sash Control Key Pad

Under Sash Infrared Sensor

Typical Auto Sash Controller Installation



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