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Cold Rooms

Our walk-in cold rooms offer reliable, efficient environmental controls for a variety of applications. Typical cold room temperatures range from 0o C to 10oC. Our Cold Rooms offer: • Tight temperature control for reliability and accuracy • Tight temperature uniformity of +0.5oC or better throughout the room • The ability to work with any space constraints, flexible custom applications. • A conditioning system can be replaced or relocated quickly with simple water-type connections • A Precision Fluid Temperate Control Unit cooling system utilizes a combination of refrigerant technologies and glycol/water heat exchange technologies • Eco-friendly use, typically requiring fewer than 1000 watts to operate • Accessories that allow uninterrupted operation and great convenience. • ADA compliance available with no additional cost to the customer. • Simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-service control systems. • An oversize evaporator fan coil thats eliminates the need for a defrost at 4oC or more. • A smooth ceiling, for optimal performance. • LED lights which emit significantly more light per unit of input energy than fluorescent bulbs. Standard Features: • 4” Polyurethane Foam Insulated Panels, with R-value of 31+

Optional Features: • Added Dehumidification and/or Ultrasonic Humidification • Extended Temperature and Humidity Ranges • Stainless Steel/Special Surfaces • Ethernet/Remote Monitoring/Alarming • Added Redundancy in Controls and/or Conditioning system • Data Logging • High Density Shelving • Calibration/Validation/Maintenance Services • Touchscreen Control Interface

• Embossed White Aluminum Interior Surface Finish • Embossed White Galvanized Steel Exterior Surface Finish • Exceptional Temperature Uniformity • Temperature Control At Sensor/Set-Point +0.2oC • High/Low Alarms • Complies with LEED Standards • Pre-tested, Pre-charged Refrigeration Systems • Non-proprietary Controls • CSA certified control panel (UL equivalent) • 36” wide door with optional window

Cat. No.

Temperature Range

Dimensions (L x W x H)



96” x 96” x 91.2” (243.8 x 243.8 x 231.6 cm)

06001089 120” x 96” x 91.2” (304.8 x 243.8 x 231.6 cm) Contact your Fisher Scientific sales representative for assistance specifying the exact walk-in controlled environment room to suit your application. 4oC


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